Coming Soon: Inspired Dyslexic Artists Expo. 16th Feb 2017, 11am-3pm

Aspire2inspire Dyslexia Art Exhibition titled (Inspired Dyslexic Artists) Thursday 16th February 2016 11am-3pm at Putney Library, Disraeli Rd, London SW15 2DR.

The dyslexic Art Expo is to show case the work of dyslexic artist and creativity, the aim is the creative side of dyslexia and using art as an alternative way of thinking.

“The Dyslexic Art Expo aims to explore the creative side of dyslexics and the connection between dyslexia and the Art industries” says CEO Elizabeth Kwarteng-Amaning, founder of A2i Dyslexia, looking at the positives ways of working with the learning difference.